Damn Yankees / by Akira Ohiso


I take the boys to Yankee Stadium to watch the Bombers play the Red Sox. We get to the park early, but the lines to get in are already long. Only a few gates are opened.

An exasperated older man behind me says, bromidically, “This is the post-9/11 world we live in.” With anachronistic assuredness, he doesn’t notice people walking through a gate with no lines.

Clear, a biometric company, has a gate that allows people who sign up ($15 per month) to skip long lines at airports and stadium events. Clear technology scans your eyes and fingerprints. You simply walk through without showing ID.

Eventually this will be the norm. Face recognition will replace any need to carry identification and even money. What will the people selling $1 water bottles outside the stadium do? Valu-Pack disposable scanners.

We sit in the grandstands right behind the left field foul pole. A family from Sheffield, England is at their first Yankee game.

I strike up a conversation with the father who is a high school teacher. We talk about the similarities between baseball and cricket eventually getting to the topics of Trump and Brexit.

He tells me that Brexit is supported by many people who didn’t know what they were voting for. It was marketed as a nationalistic solution to immigration and a lagging economy, but instead it has put many people out of work who relied on EU membership for their livelihoods.

I mention similarities between Trump and Johnson and their ability to use fear to garner votes and power at the expense of citizens not in the know.

He agrees. Do dispel the idea that the United States is synonymous with Trumpian politics, he often reminds his students that more than half of Americans do not support Trump.

The Yankees beat the Red Sox 9-2.

Two deadly shootings occured at a Walmart in El Paso and a bar in Dayton, Ohio. 29 people were killed. The suspects are both white men in their early twenties. Angry white men with guns are the most dangerous threat to Americans…and Mitch McConnell.