Ellie Ohiso's interview on WIOX Radio

Ellie had the pleasure of being interviewed by JN Urbanski on WIOX Radio on August 10, 2015. The interviewed was transcribed and posted on her blog Upstate Dispatch.

The discussion was on photography and feminism and our latest project Photography For Girls, a collaboration with Kelly Merchant.

Read the full interview here.

Some our favorite highlights:

Anyone who works on some large project knows there are countless hours that people don’t see when you work creatively. Even when you think of this community radio station, just the prep work that we did just to produce one show. It’s so large and the community doesn’t see it. That’s what makes art and creative thought and culture so special, because there are countless hours of work behind it.

We live in an area where there is a large farming community. I feel like artists and farmers and very different in a lot of ways and very similar. A farmer has to take a lot of baby steps to produce one item and sometimes, when you’re seeing them do the work, it either doesn’t make sense or you can’t appreciate the amount of time that went into it. I think that art’s a lot like farming in the sense that there’s a final product, whether it’s a fruit or a painting or a radio station; I think that sometimes you have to take a look at that and say, what went into this?